Wednesday, July 27, 2011

upsetting day


Yesterday i had no calories today i had about 600ish maybe alittle less.

Anyways i got in a huge fight with my dad. And when he came in to talk to me he would not listen. I hate him. He makes me feel like shit every day. I dont know what to do anymore. Right now my only choices seem to be move in with a another family member or kill myself.

My mothers not as bad. Ya at times she make me want to stab her but its not and everyday thing. I can live with her better then him. She wouldnt be happy is i moved out. It would kill her if i killed myself.

Just dont know what to do anymore. I have to wait til im 18 and even then if i dont have the money i cant move out.


Lose 20 pounds befor school

get a job and start saving for a place.

get to 120 before Christmas

Thats all for now

Planning on keeping my cal limit to 450 today and the rest of the week. Next week 400 and then 350 after that. Then im just going to fast.


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