Saturday, February 11, 2012

post from my other blog

Sorry  I have been gone. But ya here is everything and i will get back tomorrow with something not as long.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Real post.

Ok hi !

Ya and Im making progress. Last night with clothing on and a burrito in my stomach (the only thing i ate that day) i was 173.2! iv lost 4 pound compared to my 177 that was like a week ago.

I bought diet pills and even though it is snowing and fucking cold i have been running. Today im fasting but as much as i want it to be just water it cant. I get low blood sugar and have to drink something like a soda(none diet). If i dont i get migraines and cant do anything for the rest of the day. So today i have had one normal soda(that im still finishing) and i will have one right before work. BTW my job is me walking around for 3 hours with a vacuum on my back. 300 calories if you would like to know ^_^.

I plan to be in the 160's by next Tuesday.

gotta go someones came home


Thursday, February 9, 2012


Not really sure if thats right.... 2 pounds in one day?
I did have a slice of pizza for dinner but thats it. Im long eating dinner and have one regular soda a day. I ran for 30 mins then took my puppie for a run. Lots of running. Going to start adding in situps too. I tried to do it today but the puppie wanted to play. He is cute. Taking diet pills too. Ummm. I dont know im tired so goodnight!


Umm so maybe the scale is right? I don't know I'm going to go buy another one next month just to make sure. On the bright side iv lost 7 pounds in one week?(i for some reason don't believe it) I get paid next month BTW so that's why i cant buy it now. I also plan on buying some more running cloths. We shall see though cause i need to make a car payment and have gas money for the month.

I did have cereal for breakfast today...just a little like a hand full and some milk (100 cal) pulse a regular soda for my blood sugar (200) and for dinner tonight soup (250) I'm trying to stay under 600 calories this month and then next month ill only have 500.

I need to bring my grades up this week end. so Ill be doing homework all day Saturday. If i get done early then ill start cleaning and making a work out plan.

Short day today so I'm going to come home and nap for two hours the go to work.BTW iv been posting during lunch so these post might seem short cause lunch is 20 mins and i don't have a lot of time. I try to post at night using my phone but that doesn't work sometimes. So ya lets hope tomorrow I'm in the 160's ^_^ my goal this month it 155 :D
Next month its going to be 144.
Gotta go love ya


Saturday, February 11, 2012


I couldn't run yesterday cause i worked till 8:30 (6 hours of walking 600 cal) but i did take my dog for a 30 min walk. Plus my mom made me eat this huge fatty meal. It made me feel sick after but i finished almost all of it to make her happy and took an extra diet pill. So i didn't gain. That good i thought i would be 172 or something. Anyways to make sure i lose tomorrow I'm having 600 cal today (i already had 300 so 300 left for family dinner) and around 2 ish I'm going to run for at least 40 min....i would like to go for an hour to make up sure yesterday but what ever ill do what i can. Also I'm redoing my room (just moving stuff around) not sure if i like the new layout. So ill try it for a week and if i don't like it ill change it back.

ummm. Tomorrow is that start of The Walking dead! Anyone else watch that? I love that show :D! So i have 15.4 pounds before I'm at my months goal! oh my gosh!.....umm ya ill see ya guys tomorrow

Thursday, October 27, 2011

To long

Dear Friends,

I am so sorry i have been gone for ways to long. With work, school, moving, a new nephew, and boy trouble i have found no time to post. But ya getting back to the diet cause i have been lazy. I did start to drop weight for a little and was doing good until my dog died then i just ate whatever. But that is no longer aloud. So when i get paid im going to go buy a bunch of different low cal salad dressing and just eat a 100 cal salad for every meal until i get alittle more control. Should be 300-400 cal a day.

My back is hurting so bad. no amount of pain killer or heat or rubbing at it will help. Anyone know what to do? I am also going to start doing sit ups as well. Ill start to run on weekends but other wise i have no time. So sad i know.

Really tired right now so i might go to bed.

Anyways lots of love and good luck

Sunday, September 11, 2011


It's been way to log.

So we moved and i got a job.
So i wake up at 7am and go to school until 2:30 then i go to work right after until 5:30. I get home about 6.

I have all this time to not eat food. and could get away with it. hmmmmmm Idea ^_^

I'm fasting. So easy. as soon as i get home i grab a drink and take a bath get dressed pick up my room get ready for school go to bed. ITS PERFECT!

I don't know how much i weight right now ill check tomorrow though. And when we get the home gym set up ill start running on the weekends. Id run during the week but i don't have much time and stuff. I do have PE this term so that's a pulse. and my job is me walking around for three hours emptying trash cans. Some times their heavy so i get my arms worked alittle too.

I get a new bed tomorrow. Cant wait! its a queen and i have always had a twin so its going to be epic.


Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Hello My Dear Friends

May i ask you something. Have you ever had a guy who at the time meant the world to you. You couldn't wait to talk to them. Go to sleep dreaming of them and wake up think about them? Hold your breath at the first hello.
Then have them turn into a monster. Abuse you. Hurt you. Burn you and brake you. Lie to you.
And at first you didn't want to believe it so you stayed. Ignored the bad and remembered the good. 
Did you ignore is more then once? Thinking of only the beginning.
Did you finally see the light? When you did, did you leave? When you left did you cry or feel broken? heart blistered? Drunk off of pain and suffering.

Did you ever stair at your phone for hours waiting for them to call?Wanting them to message you like they used to? Call you beautiful and wait for them to build you back up. Did it make you feel sick thinking about it? Thinking "After all they did how can it still love them?" Cause in all truth i still love him. Even though i hate him. I want him to hold me. Even though i want him six feet under. I want him to make my heart race. When i want his cut out and burned.

Is this normal?

Going over to a friends tomorrow. Wish me luck with fasting cause i always mess up around her. I cant bring myself to lie to her.

No pictures to day my computers being slow and i don't want to wait.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

upsetting day


Yesterday i had no calories today i had about 600ish maybe alittle less.

Anyways i got in a huge fight with my dad. And when he came in to talk to me he would not listen. I hate him. He makes me feel like shit every day. I dont know what to do anymore. Right now my only choices seem to be move in with a another family member or kill myself.

My mothers not as bad. Ya at times she make me want to stab her but its not and everyday thing. I can live with her better then him. She wouldnt be happy is i moved out. It would kill her if i killed myself.

Just dont know what to do anymore. I have to wait til im 18 and even then if i dont have the money i cant move out.


Lose 20 pounds befor school

get a job and start saving for a place.

get to 120 before Christmas

Thats all for now

Planning on keeping my cal limit to 450 today and the rest of the week. Next week 400 and then 350 after that. Then im just going to fast.


Monday, July 25, 2011


Hello, Friends

Long time i know. On my period so i have been eating alot. Then again I'm a fat ass so i always eat lot. Period or not Dizzy or not I'm starting my fast. I've been real lazy about it to. I always give in lately. Lost it all with in an hour. Whats wrong with me. Why cant i be strong like i was before. I don't want the food and i know it. But i just shove it in.

Even with a fast id be lucky to lose 20 pounds before school picture day. better then staying the way i am. Ten pounds yes 15 most likely but 20 is a no. Hoping i can lose 25 before mom takes me pants shopping.  It will be tight but if i don't eat and work out alot i could lose 25 before school starts I'm going to try and get pants that are alittle tight to so i dong have to worry about getting new pants for a month at lest. I want to be pretty and thin but i dont think it will work out well. think they will know if i lost weight. most likely not. Its ok.

Im moving so i wont be posting for sometimes.


PS. This is my new blog for those of you who are from my old one (Alice is me)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Hello Friends!

I have not post in sometime. I'm so sorry.

So tomorrow is day one of my fast. But I'm getting my period here soon so I'm not sure how well it will go over. Haven't weighed in in some time so I'm not sure of my weight. Ill check it on Friday if i don't get my period.

School starts back up on Aug 23. I want to lose 20 pounds before back to school night.Back to school night is when you get your pictures taken for you ID card and your locker and that classes you'll be taking. Iv been using Crest 3D white and its work really well so ill have a pretty smile. I just need a smaller body. I cant wait but i wish i had more time. 20 pounds doesn't seem like a lot. I have at lest 25 days before the Back to School night for sure but I don't know. 20 is my goal 30 is my want. Just got to be really strong these next few weeks. Anyways!

Pretty people!

- Brit