Thursday, October 27, 2011

To long

Dear Friends,

I am so sorry i have been gone for ways to long. With work, school, moving, a new nephew, and boy trouble i have found no time to post. But ya getting back to the diet cause i have been lazy. I did start to drop weight for a little and was doing good until my dog died then i just ate whatever. But that is no longer aloud. So when i get paid im going to go buy a bunch of different low cal salad dressing and just eat a 100 cal salad for every meal until i get alittle more control. Should be 300-400 cal a day.

My back is hurting so bad. no amount of pain killer or heat or rubbing at it will help. Anyone know what to do? I am also going to start doing sit ups as well. Ill start to run on weekends but other wise i have no time. So sad i know.

Really tired right now so i might go to bed.

Anyways lots of love and good luck