Monday, July 25, 2011


Hello, Friends

Long time i know. On my period so i have been eating alot. Then again I'm a fat ass so i always eat lot. Period or not Dizzy or not I'm starting my fast. I've been real lazy about it to. I always give in lately. Lost it all with in an hour. Whats wrong with me. Why cant i be strong like i was before. I don't want the food and i know it. But i just shove it in.

Even with a fast id be lucky to lose 20 pounds before school picture day. better then staying the way i am. Ten pounds yes 15 most likely but 20 is a no. Hoping i can lose 25 before mom takes me pants shopping.  It will be tight but if i don't eat and work out alot i could lose 25 before school starts I'm going to try and get pants that are alittle tight to so i dong have to worry about getting new pants for a month at lest. I want to be pretty and thin but i dont think it will work out well. think they will know if i lost weight. most likely not. Its ok.

Im moving so i wont be posting for sometimes.


PS. This is my new blog for those of you who are from my old one (Alice is me)

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