Saturday, July 2, 2011

I Like Fasting

Hello, Friend!

my one follower! Welcome!

I'm not the best at fasting though. I will be on day two of my fast and my Father gose out for fast food. I will always say "No thanks I don't want anything" and he gets me stuff anyways. Makes me mad! I cant just throw it out and he is going to want me to eat it with him and mom. BUT! my moms on a 600 cal diet. So I am going to try fasting starting monday and see how it works. If not then im going on a 400 cal diet with a burn of 800 cal. (always burn twice the amount you eat or try to).

Fourth of July! Hello Red White and Blue! Hope everyone has a nice holiday.

Tip: eat a salad before every BIG meal. They have little calories and will make you feel fuller faster. I find this one handy for family dinner and stuff like that.


(sorry if i already posted a picture new computer and little thinspo I'm going hunting for more to night thought!)

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